Why do disabled girls dream?


A disabled person in a dream , from the point of view of the subconscious, symbolizes some kind of internal defect. If you dreamed that you felt inferior in some way, this indicates a lack of confidence in your own abilities, complexes and fears.

Seeing yourself as disabled in a dream is a symbol of the need to find the source of panic. Try to understand what prevents you from feeling confident? Maybe you were often criticized by your family? Or have decisions been made for you since childhood, so now it’s difficult for you to form your own point of view on important issues?

People's dream book

In this dream book, a disabled person can have one of the following meanings:

  • the image itself indicates that business partners will behave impudently and impudently. Don't expect to be able to do business successfully with this approach;
  • why do you dream of a disabled person without legs, on crutches - to the fact that financial difficulties lie ahead. You won’t be able to overcome them on your own; you’ll have to seek help;
  • if you dreamed that he moved with the help of a stroller, it means that you will become a volunteer who will raise funds for those in need;
  • a man appears who sees nothing - a sign of impending disappointment in someone close to him;
  • to be deprived of sight yourself - in reality you will be deceived;
  • if a disabled person walks in a dream , although he should not do this, this is a favorable symbol that predicts an improvement in the situation. But pay attention if the person was only pretending to be crippled. This vision warns of deception.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep depending on the details

The general meaning of the symbol of a wheelchair in a dream is helplessness. If you ask the question “Why do I dream about a wheelchair with me?”, the answer is the following: with a large number of opportunities and plans, it is difficult, and sometimes completely impossible, for you to come to their realization alone.

  • Seeing a child's wheelchair in a dream means worries, loss of strength and emotional exhaustion;
  • A beautiful stroller portends troubles, but pleasant and even welcome ones. For example, organize an evening of relaxation, some kind of holiday, celebration or other kind of fun pastime.
  • The opposite would be true for a prediction associated with an old, ugly wheelchair. This sign speaks of fatigue, boring people who come at you with unnecessary conversations, irritation and hidden resentment.
  • An accident is foreshadowed by the plot of a dream in which you saw yourself as an old man sitting in a wheelchair.

In particular, one should consider the option in which a person saw himself in a wheelchair. Such a turn may be a warning about uncertainty in the successful completion of the work begun. A dream in which you had to sit in a wheelchair sometimes speaks of traitors. They are standing behind. Crying in a dream in a wheelchair - an additional series of experiences awaits you, associated with an increase in already existing troubles.

If you dreamed that you were sitting in a wheelchair and felt that you couldn’t move, then get ready for the problems that will appear soon to completely throw you off track. You are left unarmed in today's situation, so accept everything as it is. It is useless to resist; you just have to wait out the big onslaught of troubles and wait for the right moment to solve them.

If you have to sit in a wheelchair against your will, get ready to “dance to someone else’s tune” in real life. Above you stands a man who can bring to his knees anyone who dares to speak his mind. You shouldn't put up with such a brutal onslaught. “Tear your claws,” otherwise you will greatly regret your weakness and pliability. Try with all your might to stay on the ground and not break.

Fortunately, not all wheelchair-related predictions are negative. There are also positive scenes, for example, a broken chair. It symbolizes fortitude and strength of mind in the fight against envious people and enemies. A dream in which your wheelchair is stolen is considered prosperous. This means that impending problems will be solved thanks to a wise assistant.

If in a dream you saw not only a wheelchair, but also a father or mother sitting in it, then you should understand that in real life you should pay attention to your behavior. Your relationship with your relatives leaves much to be desired. You don’t care at all about the well-being of your family, you don’t think about how they feel during the next emotional outburst. You force your relatives to undeservedly worry about you, which quite actively worsens their well-being.

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